Simple Tomato-growing Trick

Mixing technology with scientific research and some good old fashioned gardening experience, our Better Reds plastic mulch was designed to serve many purposes. It was developed to increase tomato yields and improve overall garden conditions. By allowing water, air and nutrients through while holding in heat, this mulch prevents weeds from proliferating and stealing the soil’s nutrients that feed the tomato plants. But best of all, it encourages the plant to produce the best fruits by reflecting a particular wave of sunlight to the leaves’ undersides. Both yields and fruit flavor are increased! It’s reusable for a couple of seasons by simply shaking off, rinsing, drying and storing. Also, it’s incredibly easy to use. Just unfold the squares, cut a slit in the center and plant the small plant directly into the soil. For mature plants, cut a slit from an outside edge to the center, and cut a center hole large enough to fit the stem of the plant. Lay it right on top of the soil around the plant’s base. You can keep it in place by placing small rocks on the corners. Better Reds can also be used with tomato relatives like peppers and eggplants, as well as strawberries and melons.

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