Will our tomato plant self-pollinate?

Hello, My husband Tom planted about 10 Big Boy tomatoes, one per pot, and they are doing great. We have several yellow blossoms already but we dont know if we need to put them outside or what. They are inside our screened porch. It has no roof and the sun comes thru. We were wondering if they needed to be outside for birds, bees etc. in order to bear fruit ? Thank you, Kathy

Answer: Hi, Kathy, Without the birds and the bees to do your pollinating, it’s possible to hand-pollinate some tomatoes for growing inside. You simply take a soft-bristled, small paintbrush and move it around inside the flowers. However, Big Boy is a hybrid variety, and only open-pollinated (or heirloom tomatoes) varieties will respond to hand pollination. So, it’s not likely that you’ll get fruit from your plants without putting the pots outside of your porch and allowing nature to “do its thing.” Since you’ve already invested your time and energy, I hope you can find space in the fresh air for them. Good luck as you nurture your plants to produce one of summer’s great treats. Karen

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