Tomato Cage Trials

See how to install four different types of tomato cages.ultomato tomato cage

The first tomato cage we will put up is the Ultomato Cage. The Ultomato cage is very easy to install. Simply clip the side pieces onto the three main stakes and then push it into the ground. This tomato cage allows for easy adjustments for the side supports as the tomato plant grows. Just move the side pieces up or down to accommadate the growing plant.

The second tomato cage we will put up is the veggie cageVeggie Cage. It requires a bit more work because of the stake you must drive into the ground to hold it up. But once it is up, there is little more you will have to do with this tomato cage. The Veggie Cage will continue to grow upwards with the tomato plant, pulling the plant off the ground and upward.

The third tomato cage we will put up is the Heavy Duty Folding Tomato heavy duty folding tomato cageCage. This is a very easy-to-use cage. You simply pull it open from its flattened storage position, put it in place over the tomato plant, and then push the legs into the ground. The tomato plant will stay inside of the four “walls” and grow upwards.

tomato towerThe final tomato cage we will trial is the Tomato Tower. To use this cage simply put the bottom stake into the ground, put the section together, and then insert into the ground stake. Very easy and simple.

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