How I harvested asparagus the first year

I purchased some of your Jersey asparagus last year and am so thrilled with it that I am taking the time to share about how it has turned out.
I will start with how it was planted. When the asparagus crowns arrived, I soaked them in water for 15 minutes as you instructed. Then I dug my trench and laid down the crowns. Then I used some of your (Pro-Mix) Ultimate Organic Mix potting soil, and covered the crowns. I waited 2 weeks and added a thin layer of horse manure and a layer of garden soil. I waited 3 more weeks and filled the trench level with garden soil. I then allowed them to grow the rest of the year.
The following spring I added another layer of horse manure and another thin layer of garden soil. Then as the crowns emerged I added a handful of Blood Meal around each stalk. Then we waited as the asparagus stalks grew.customer grown

We were so pleased with the size of the stalks (3/4 diameter) that we are already eating them. Talk about great flavor! I have included a photo that you are welcome to use. Dan

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