Veggie Cage Tomato Support

Until someone designs a tomato plant that stands tall on its own, the Veggie Cage Tomato Support will keep your plants healthy and upright as well as anything you've ever used. This economical and efficient support system will wow you!

If having a garden that satisfies your aesthetic sensibilities is important, you've found the way to have the best-looking tomato plants around. With the Veggie Cage Support, your tomatoes will grow in a uniform, upright habit. This simple spiral easily attaches to any stake, and will extend up to 7 feet tall.

This practical and economical cage should provide several seasons of use. Made of a highly durable polypropylene resin material that's UV-protected, the Veggie Cage Tomato Support will never rust. The spiral uncoils for easy set-up in the garden, then folds flat for storage during the winter months. Its green color will blend in with the foliage of your garden vegetation.

The benefits of the Veggie Cage Tomato Support are many. First of all, since it's not metal, you never have to worry about rusty or rough edges tearing or injuring your plants' leaves. Second, since it's a spiral, your plants will need very little coaxing to fill in the coils as they grow upward. The smooth, continuous flow of the one-piece spiral will naturally guide the tomato stemsas well as all other vining and support-loving plantsto grow tall and symmetrical without the need to be constantly monitored. The resin material is sturdy enough to support heavy fruit or foliage from the top to the bottom of the plant.

Most plants will fill in the cage support naturally, and the best part? The single-piece design ensures that your plant will keep following the guide of the spiral, up to the very top. The plants will not need to be tied and re-tied as they grow. In fact, they won't need to be tied at all. This support does its job with minimal maintenance and oversight.

The Veggie Cage Tomato Support will work with stakes of nearly any height, made of metal, wood or plastic. By affixing the spiral to the top of the stake and then to the ground next to the young plant, a perfect cone-shaped support is ready for the plant to fill in the spaces. Oh, and your leaves and fruit will have plenty of air circulation and breathing room!

Some other plants that will thrive with the support of the Veggie Cage are peas and beans, melons, cucumbers and creeping or vining flowers. Any plant that requires staking will be well-suited for the Veggie Cage.

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