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Some plants just can't stand up on their own. Either their skinny stems and large flowers make them too top-heavy, or they have a growth habit that sprawls out of control, or climate conditions are too much for them to handle; some just need a little help from their friends to stand tall.

There are countless ways to give your plants the support they need, and Garden Harvest Supply has so many to choose from, you can now have the best-behaved plants possible. With inexpensive, lightweight and well-designed ready-made supports, there is no need to build your own out of cumbersome or impractical materials anymore.

We have plastic-covered metal plant supports in sizes from a single hoop with a 3-inch diameter to large, circular flower frames of 22-inch diameters, and from heights of a foot up to 3 feet tall. These wire hoop supports are meant for use with both annual and perennial plants.

These strong plant supporters have pointed ends that easily stick into the ground. Their dark green color blends in with the plant stem colors and are nearly undetectable as the plants fill in. They give your plants the extra upright boost they need to endure the elements, like wind, rain, and falling leaves, and even the occasional animal or insect visitor that can easily topple an unsupported flower or veggie.

Some of the most popular and beautiful plants need extra help to look their best or to support their own weight. Peonies are notorious for their huge, fragrant blooms and full bushy presence. However, the combination of their heavy flowers and weak stems means that most of the flowers will topple over after a single rain. On the ground, the flowers will rot and die quickly. Many large flowers that grow on a single stem also break off or bend too easily, and will last much longer with a wire support to keep them upright.

Some other tall-stemmed flowers that require support to ensure a long growing season are lilies, gladiola and alliums. Small plant hoops are great for a single bloom, and the larger hoops and semi-circular supports are designed to clump or cluster multi-stem flowers and bushes together for the lushest appearance. Large circular supports should be put in place early in the season, for stems to grow into their grids or enclosed loops. Single-stem hoop supports can be placed alongside the flower at any point in the growing season.

Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and some vining plants can benefit from these hoop supports, as well. There are wire hoop supports for any plant needing just a small bit of extra help to stay upright.

As landscape and garden plants reach the end of their growing season, these durable but lightweight garden plant supports can be pulled out of the ground, rinsed off, and stored for use year after year. They're made to be weather-resistant, unobtrusive to the eye, and easy to store when not in use. They're also inexpensive, meaning you never need to worry about plants falling over or breaking from stress before their season is over.

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