Genetically modified

Differences between Genetically Modified, Hybrid and Open Pollinated Plants

With open-pollinated plants, you can save the seed from the fruits and when replanted they will reproduce the same exact plant. Heirloom varieties fall under this type of plant.

Hybrid plants have been cross-bred between two other plants. Cross-breeding allows for plants with better traits, like insect or disease resistance. However, the seed from this fruit will not grow the same type of plant.

Genetically modified plants are ones that are changed through science. It is not a natural breeding like hybrids; DNA from other donor plants is inserted. There is even a possibility that DNA could be taken from non-plant donors and inserted into the plant's DNA. There is a risk that these plants can spread their modifications to other plants through natural pollination, thereby corrupting the world's seed supplies.

Garden Harvest Supply only offers open-pollinated and hybrid plants and seeds. We do not offer genetically modified varieties.

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