Declare Your Love of Birds

Did you know that February is National Bird Feeder Month? Really, it is! And it's not without good reason. It's the month for loversand for lovers of wildlife.

Most of the year, birds can find plenty of food in the form of seeds and berries on growing plants and grasses. But in February, in much of the country, plants are dormant, and birds are dependent on their human compatriots to keep them well fed through the freezing temps and blustery days.

Garden Harvest Supply has an incredibly wide selection of bird feeders available for sale, so you can appeal to the exact types of birds you wish to attract to your yard and wildlife habitat. There are feeders that hold every imaginable type of seed, nut and suetand feeders for each size and type of bird. There are now feeders that can successfully keep squirrels out of the bird food supply.

When choosing feeders for your winged guests, there are a few considerations you'll want to keep in mind. First, what kinds of birds live in your region? And, do they live there year-round, or only during the warm season? It would be a waste to put food out for birds that are sunning in the South for the winter months.

Also, if you have squirrels, raccoons or other wildlife that would likely forage in your bird feeders, make sure you purchase styles that will prevent their invasionor worse, their breaking the feeders with their excess weight and industrial-strength claws.

Where you hang your bird feeders is also paramount to choosing the correct styles. If you have large picture windows and wish to watch birds up close, hang a bird feeder right from your eave or on a bracket attached to your house. Some feeders can be attached right to the window glass, with suction cups. Some can also be affixed to your windowsills. Make sure that wherever you place your feeder, it's easy for you to reach, so that refilling regularly is an easy task, and that spilled seed won't be an annoyance. Birds aren't always the neatest diners, but some animal will usually be happy to clean up whatever seed is spilled on the ground.

Pole feeders are great for yards or walkways. There are also many types of feeders that are appropriate for suspending from poles in the ground.

Different bird species have different diets, so plan your feeder according to the type of seed, suet or nectar you plan to supply to your visitors. Garden Harvest Supply not only sells the feeders, but they sell all the different types of feed, as well.

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