Lantana ‘Son’ Series

The Lantana has become a landscaping staple due to their heartiness and willingness to grow in what many plants and flowers would consider unsuitable soil.  They prefer partial to full sunlight in an area that drains well.  Lantanas are a perennial bloomer and grow indigenously in the Tropical South, as well as in the Desert Southwest; though they adapt well to northern climates.  You may well recognize these colorful border plants or bushes, as they grow prolifically in Florida and Southern California, two of the main vacation spots in the U.S.  Their brilliantly colored blooms and the pleasing citrus aroma of the foliage would be at its height during the summer months when you might have traveled to one of these destinations.  You can bring a little bit of these sunny destinations right into your own garden.

Garden Harvest Supply presents a wonderful collection of the ‘Son' series of Lantana Plants.  These plants are all hybrids and are said to be the most beautiful of all the 150 species of Lantana flora.    Their vivid blossoms provide a wide array of colors all through the growing season.  Blooms emerge in bright shades of yellow and orange, then age to remarkable hues of deep orange, bright red and royal purple.  As the Lantana blooms from early spring to late fall, you may experience this entire rainbow on one plant at one time!  It is truly a sight to behold.

You will also enjoy the fact that once the Lantana is established, it will require very little water to maintain its beauty.  As they are very heat and drought-tolerant, they are the perfect specimen for xeriscaping.  In the northern climes, they are also cold-tolerant, as long as the roots don't drop below 20 degrees.  Just fertilize with a balanced fertilizer like Flower-tone, as you would the rest of your garden, and sit back and enjoy the show.  The ‘show' will include the gem-like hues and fascinating antics of the hummingbirds and the myriad colors adorning the many species of butterflies that the Lantana will attract to your garden. 

Use the versatile Lantana (sometimes called Verbena) as a border plant or ground cover.  Heavy trimming will produce even bushier blooming.  They are extremely resistant to salt, both in the soil and the spray that results from living in a seaside community, so there are few places where they will not grow.  Even though they can have a five foot spread and height, Lantana are often grown in hanging baskets and mass planted in containers; they would make a striking, fragrant natural privacy barrier.

We grow our Lantanas in large containers in order to encourage the growth of a healthy root system.

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