Calibrachoa Mini Famous Problem

My hanging container of Calibrachoa Mini Famous Red flowers look like they are dying in the middle of the pot, what am I doing wrong? Help please.

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    June 8, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    Without some more information about where these are hanging and how long they have been planted I have to wager a guess and say that it is possible they are being overwatered. Calibrachoa in general like it hot and to get slightly dry between waterings. If overwatered, they can be susceptible to a fungal infection or root rot. The general information for all Calibrachoa is full sun, and normal watering (this means water only when the top of the soil feels dry). It is self-cleaning, meaning no deadheading is required. The other possibility if the container is of mature size is the older leaves are just dying back, which can be a normal trait for a plant that is a couple of months into a growing season. Trailing plants are often helped by shearing or trimming back slightly, mid-season, to keep them from getting leggy. It also encourages new blooms on the new growth.

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