Ivy Geranium Cutting

stars_stripesWe have had this ‘Global Stars and Stripes’ Ivy Geranium for years and I have made cuttings of it, but for some reason some of the cuttings and some of the hanging potted plants have reverted to an all red color even though they are taken from cuttings of the parent plant. Is this normal? Any suggestions as to how to avoid this? Thanks, F.R.

Answer: Pelargonium peltatum Global Stars and Stripes is a hybrid variety and has been cross-bred with other varieties of geraniums to create specific bloom or growth characteristics.  Once the breeder has achieved what they are looking for and it has been tested for some stability, the plant is propagated using a means called tissue culture (think cloning), to generate mass quantities for public sale. When you try to propagate the plants by other means, like cuttings or seeds, the plants can be less stable and possibly “revert” back to parental heritage. It is possible that even your parent plant after several years could revert. These plants are bred to be annuals and so are not generally tested for stability over extended years of growth. There is no way of avoiding or controlling this except to purchase new hybridized plants or accept what the cuttings develop. You never know, you might have something even more interesting!  

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