Can Asparagus in Grown Containers

How well would asparagus grow planted in large, square well-draining containers? I live on the top floor of an apt. building and have a balcony that catches great morning sun. I have herbs scattered in pots as well as various peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries. Thanks, Craig

Answer: Well, I love to experiment with the garden. What’s the harm in trying something at least once, or twice? While growing asparagus in containers is not advised by most, there are a handful of sites that claim it to be possible. The limitation is the quantity you can grow in the contained area. Asparagus likes space, so you would have to limit the number of starts per pot, depending on the size of your container. Figure no more than one plant per two square feet of container diameter. You must ensure the containers are well drained, even adding drainage holes to opposite sides of the bottom and do not over-water: this can cause the roots to rot. Make sure the plants receive at least eight hours of sunlight daily for best performance. It will take at least two and maybe three years before the plants are mature and ready for harvest, so this will be an experiment in patience, as well. You will need to let the foliage grow to feed the plants. Once mature, the plants need to rest from mid-June, so this means not harvesting and going to fern. Let the foliage stand until after the first frost before cutting them back.

If you’re serious about trying this, do read Just About Everything About Asparagus.

Good luck and happy experimenting.


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