Support for Climbing Rose Bushes

rose plantI have 2 rose bushes that need some type of trellis.  I don’t like wooden ones because of the upkeep.  The distance between the 2 poles is about 10 feet.  Could this Trellis Netting support 2 John Cabot rose bushes? (It is on the side of a pergola, so there is no wall behind for support.)  If not, do you have any other ideas?

Thanks! Lori U.

Answer: Climbing roses are a beautiful addition to a sunny garden. Roses, unlike other vines that like to climb, don’t have actual tendrils or specialized branches that attach themselves to a wall or trellis. In the wild, the main shoots or canes would just arch out and the smaller shoots that produce the blooms would grow from there. To tame these canes in our gardens some sort of structure is required and the main canes need to tied with a flexible material. Try to tie them in the most horizontal manner possible. Since the wind, rain and snow will put a considerable stress on the canes and therefore the support system, you want to make sure the system is something that will endure this abuse. Wood or metal structures are the favorite choice because of this. Replacing the supports after the rose has reached mature size would not be pleasant or easy. 

The Garden Trellis Netting we sell is a fabric type and is not the perfect solution, however if you want to try it for a temporary measure I would suggest doubling the netting and making sure it is secured firmly to the posts. The netting is perfect for seasonal vines like clematis or annuals like beans, cucumbers, or morning glories.

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