Striking Color Beyond Description

Physocarpus is a shrub commonly referred to as Ninebark.  It's a perennial plant that grows in most regions of the United States.  It blooms in the late spring to early summer and is a popular plant for sunny locations, with its bright red hues.  But this isn't about the well-known varieties of Physocarpus: 

There is a new kid on the block.  Coppertina Physocarpus, or Copper Ninebark, is the most dramatic plant you'll ever see.  It's got coppery red leaves that deepen in the fall to shades of crimson that will have your neighbors and guests doing a double-take. 

This full-sun shrub will attract songbirds, butterflies and hummers with its delicate white to light pink flowers offset by its deep, fiery orange-red foliage.

Coppertina Physocarpus will grow up to 4 feet wide by 6 feet tall, so plant it where it has space to spread out, or plan to prune in the spring to maintain desired size.  It requires average moisture and is adaptable to most soil types.  This is a suitable shrub for xeriscaping.

This large, full-foliaged shrub will be the envy of anyone who sees it in its spectacular summer and fall colors. Plant Coppertina Physocarpus alone for a focal point in your front yard, or use as a backdrop to highlight smaller contrasting foliage or blooming plants with dark green or purple hues, or even bright white, yellow or orange flowers. Plant it in rows to make a gorgeous and unique property border. 

This versatile shrub can be shaped into a light and airy or compact and dense habit, or it can be pruned into a top-heavy tree form.  It can also be grown in a container as a solo plant or as the tall center feature with smaller plants around the outside.

This new Physocarpus Coppertina variety is a Proven Winners® Color Choice® selection for good reason:  it's dramatic, it's versatile, it's low maintenance, and it's affordable. If you've been considering adding some vibrant red color to your landscape, this is one sure way to brighten and modernize your design.

Coppertina Physocarpus is a deciduous shrub, meaning that it drops its leaves in the late fall.  It's drought resistant and hardy, although it will need consistent moisture until it's established. It grows in Zones 3-8 and in acid or alkaline soil. It's really the ideal plant for tough, full-sun spots in your landscape, when you want something eye-catching that doesn't require pampering.

The vivid coppery colors in these leaves will add striking beauty to your yard or garden, and the flowers can be clipped to bring indoors for cut-flower vase arrangements. Just make sure not to trim the plant late in the season, as that's when it sets its next season's blooms. If you haven't seen Coppertina before, be prepared, because you're going to want one!

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