Drought and Deer Control

Field corn in drought conditionsThis year, 2012, has seen one of the worst droughts in history, according to the National Climatic Data Center. The 10th largest drought and the widest spread since the 1950s, this year's drought has affected 80{2261234e244c7fbba74d51dca74a268749f09f18a1ee8a57e0936953fe40690d} of the lower 48 states, with no end in sight.

Farmers, ranchers and homeowners are feeling the heat in more ways than one. Crops are failing, livestock feed is sparse and expensive, and prices are expected to soar in the marketplace, meaning you, the consumer, will pay by having to increase your food budget, your fuel budget and even your clothing budget, as the drought of 2012 takes its toll across the nation.

Deer Eating Plants in The GardenAs one way to offset the higher cost of living, you might have turned to farming your own, and if you haven't already, may be thinking of doing it. Be it a small family plot or a large community garden, as a result of the drought, you will find that the critters are straying further from their own homes in order to forage for food. They are attracted most by the water we put on our lawn and gardens, water being the one thing they cannot survive for any length of time without, any more than we can. So, they come for the water, but then discover your yummy flowers, bushes, shrubs, trees and yes, your vegetable garden. In fact, not only are our customers growing spring and summer gardens, fall vegetable gardening is becoming ever more popular, and is even a bigger attraction as the deer, rabbits and others increase their feeding in order to store fat for the leaner winter months.

The visitors to your particular area are probably varied, but easily, the wildlife causing the most problems when it comes to damage as they forage, are deer and rabbits. These creatures have become quite accustomed to eating healthy in back yards across the world, adapting well to the ever-encroaching human population. The problem, though, becomes even more exaggerated when drought has caused their natural habitat to wither and dry up. They have no choice but to forage in yards where water and greenery are available. You, on the other hand, have no choice but to protect your investment. You've invested a great deal of time and money on your landscape; and in regard to your vegetable garden, it comes down to the deer and the rabbits taking food right out of your family's mouth, something few of us can afford to tolerate.

All Natural Plantskydd Deer and Rabbit RepellentOur solution, and yours, too, is Plantskydd Repellent. This 100{2261234e244c7fbba74d51dca74a268749f09f18a1ee8a57e0936953fe40690d} all-natural product is easy to use, while being environmentally safe, even to the deer and the rabbits. Emitting an odor imperceptible to us humans, the deer, rabbits and a large number of other small rodents and foraging creatures respond in fear; the odor results in a fear-based need to flee the area, before they even come in contact with your shrubs, trees or gardens. Much more humane and incredibly safer than traps and poisons, Plantskydd Deer Repellent is available in a premixed, ready-to-use 1 Quart and 1.3 Gallon container, and is also available in 1-pound, 2.2-pound and 22-pound Soluble Powder Concentrate, for those extra large jobs. Our Plantskydd Soluble Powder Concentrate is the most economical way to repel deer, rabbits and other marauding small animals, encouraging them to dine elsewhere. Binding to plants, Plantskydd Deer Repellent stays effective through severe rain and snowfall, one application providing protection for up to 6 months. We even have a wide selection of sprayers to make the job that much easier.

You may also want to check out our 1-pound granular, 3-pound granular, 7-pound or 20-pound granular Plantskydd Rabbit and Small Critter Repellent, all in a convenient shaker pack with the easiest application for areas where rabbits may be a problem, but deer are notthe granular application being most effective for those critters with their noses close to the ground.

And if you feel guilty for depriving the deer (we know you're out there!), you can always feed and water them well away from the area you've treated with Plantskydd Repellent. By the way, there are many of us here at Garden Harvest Supply who love the deer and rabbitsjust not eating us out of house and home. Plantskydd works!

We hope you've found this helpful and we wish you all Happy Gardening!

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