Fuchsia Plants For Hanging Baskets


Fuchsia_Double_RedHardier and easier to grow than you may think, Fuchsia Plants are actually a small woody shrub that produces colorful, tropical, delicate-looking blossoms in a myriad of colors. Sometimes called Lady's Eardrops, the botanical name, Fuchsia (FEW-sha), is most often usedthough it is often misspelled, has various pronunciations and has been the subject of numerous over-the-fence discussions, as evidenced here.

Fuchsias don't require a lot of sun; this plant is perfectly happy in partially shaded areas. However, as new hybrids are introduced, some are much more tolerant of heat and humidity. This is a good thing! One such heat-tolerant fuchsia is Angel Earrings® Preciosa. In fact, all Angel Earrings Fuchsias are bred for better heat tolerance.

Fuchsias also come in various forms. They can grow upright or trail up to 36 inches, making them extremely versatile. Their blossoms can be single or double and can look like anything from whimsical Japanese lanterns to petite, slender, flowery tubes to fantastically frilled dancing ladies. One of our newest cultivars has multi-hued, autumn-colored leaves with deep purple and red blossoms. It looks simply gorgeous for the entire season and is appropriately called ‘Autumnale'.

Although Fuchsias are an annual in all but the warmest climates, they can be overwintered indoors, which is a great way to have fuchsia blossoms earlier than ever next year and to set a more bountiful dining table for your migrating hummingbirds.

Where Will YOUR Fuchsias Grow?

This is the ideal time to think about spring and summer color

and to coordinate your outdoor décor.

Look out on your winter-browned landscape.

Picture these bright beauties hanging in partially shaded areas

In your entryway, under your awnings, in the breezeway, on your screened porch.

Imagine hummingbirds flitting from flower to flower.


 Visualize the colors and the pendulous blossoms

And hear the sounds of spring and summer.

Now, fill in this portrait with your choice of Fuchsia Plants!

Browse our entire selection.

Pre-order enough plants to generously fill every space you have in mind

And look forward to delivery just in time for spring planting.

Here are our Spring Ship Dates.

Every blossoming plant, especially when grown in a container, will be a heavy eater.

Feed at 1/4 strength every time you water.

And then we'd love to see your Fuchsia photos next spring and summer!

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