Quick Tips for Growing Flowers on Your Balcony

Not all plants are created equal when it comes to growing them in containers, be it on your balcony, patio or in a window box. If you already have the pot or planter, keep the size in mind when ordering your balcony plants. If you don’t already have a pot, container or basket in mind, then choose whatever makes you happy and buy the pot to match. You can design your container masterpiece just like you would if planting in the yard. Experiment with a mixture of 2 to 4 plants in different colors and textures and have fun!

Container plants also need a little more care than those planted in the ground. Because the plant and its roots sit above the ground, rather than in it, your plants will be more susceptible to temperature changes. You can bring your plants inside when temperatures drop or rise, if you have the room. Some people simply move them into their garage, though that does not work in all situations. As an alternative, you can insulate the pots by wrapping them with multiple layers of newspaper or a towel; then cover the entire container with a plant cover made for that purpose, or with a loosely wrapped plastic cover. Just uncover them as soon as the temperatures are warm enough. If the temperatures rise during the day and then drop to freezing at night, uncover the plants during the day to let them breathe and soak up some sun; re-cover them at night to extend the life of your container plants. Tap the links below to view, by color, some of the top plants to grow on balconies:

Top 5 Orange Flowers for Your Balcony

Top 5 White Flowers for Your Balcony

Top 5 Multi-Colored Flowers for Your Balcony

Top 5 Purple Flowers for Your Balcony

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