How to Grow a Rabbit Proof Garden

It is true that rabbits are adorable. Most people can’t help but say “aaawww” when they see one, even if those darn rabbits are destroying their garden. However, no one grows a garden just to feed the rabbits, though sometimes it may seem that way. Gardeners also prefer not to poison or trap those cute little bunnies, so will tolerate, but rant about their destructive habits, resort to fencing (that rarely works…those are some smart bunnies) or use an electronic system that utilizes sounds or water to keep the rabbits out. In extreme cases, gardeners have given up the fight all together.

You do not have to give up one of your favorite pastimes due to foraging bunnies; you can simply outsmart them! Grow plants that are rabbit resistant, plants that due to their fragrance, taste or toxicity, rabbits will avoid. Unfortunately, there is not a vegetable that a rabbit doesn’t like, but there are plenty of flowers and herbs that you can grow around or in and among your vegetable plants to make your garden less rabbit- friendly. It turns out that rabbits are quite picky about their environment. Rabbits dislike any plant that is deadly, sticky, prickly, hairy or leathery. That means you have lots of options! Tap the links below to view, by color, some of the top plants to grow that are rabbit resistant:

Top 5 Pink Flowers That Are Resistant to Rabbits

Top 5 White Flowers That Are Resistant to Rabbits

Top 5 Multi Colored Flowers That Are Resistant to Rabbits

Top 5 Purple Flowers That Are Resistant to Rabbits

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