How to Grow a Garden…Vertically!

Any spot in your yard can accommodate one of these climbing or vining plants; simply add a trellis or netting, something to which these plants can cling and climb. Vertical plantings are ideal for smaller yards where horizontal space is limited. Growing vertically can also be exquisitely decorative or used to hide something that is a little unsightly, like an older retaining wall or mailbox post.

Beautify your cyclone fencing or convert your split rail fence to a flowering hedge; just add netting or horizontally-affixed wire between the rails. Jazz up the appearance of your exterior walls with strategically placed trellises and fragrant blooms. Once established, these plants may require little maintenance. The bougainvillea, for example, are drought tolerant, though may not survive the winter except in areas 9 through 11. You can, however, plant bougainvillea in a pot with a trellis and move it indoors in mid to late fall; bougainvillea are adaptable to indoor growth. Where there is a will, there is a way! Tap the links below to view, by color, some of the top plants to grow on a vertical surface:

Top 5 Bougainvillea Flowers for a Vertical Garden

Top 5 Clematis Flowers for a Vertical Garden

Top 5 Accent Vines for a Vertical Garden

Top 5 Mandevilla Flowers for a Vertical Garden

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