Naturalize and Beautify with Ground Cover Plants

Ground cover plants are the ideal finishing touch to your flowerbeds or the perfect solution to those areas in your yard that don’t grow grass well.

Ground cover plants are available in a vast array of colors and textures for any number of applications. Instead of mulch, ground cover plants can be used as a natural weed suppressor. These perennials, once established, require little maintenance, while pretty much doing away with weeding.

Ground cover plants are also ideal for naturalizing larger lots, negating the need for mowing, as well as providing erosion control and decoration for those parts of your yard that are somewhat bare.  In addition, these plants can serve as the ideal background for showcasing your favorite flowering plants and for providing protection to the roots in extreme weather situations. For example, during the heat of the summer you will lose (and use) less water, almost as if you had applied mulch on top of your soil. Tap the links below to view, by variety, some of the top plants used as Ground Cover:

Top 4 Hosta Plants for Ground Cover

Top 4 Sedum Plants for Ground Cover

Top 4 Lamium Plants for Ground Cover

Top 4 Heuchera Plants for Ground Cover

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