How to Grow an Amazing Rock Garden

Most people, when thinking of a rock garden, think of one texture and little color. Rock gardens, besides being ecologically-friendly, can also be amazingly beautiful.

When planning your rock garden, consider using different sizes and textures to create a sculptured look. You can build mounds, islands or trails by utilizing a variety of sizes and colors. The most common decorative stones are river and lava rocks, which come in a host of colors, but you may also want to consider some bolder choices, such as native stone, red quarry granite or one of the beautifully colored and marbled natural thin veneer stone. Planning your rock garden design on paper will provide a helpful visual guide as you lay the garden out.

Now it’s time to fill your rock garden masterpiece with an array of colorful plants that, when strategically placed, will make your rock garden a show-stopper. There are so many colors and varieties of plants that are ideally suited just for rock gardens. Once established, these plants need little maintenance and will reap big savings on your water bill, while looking simply stunning! Tap the links below to view, by color, some of the top plants for Rock Gardens:

Top 5 Pink Flowers for Rock Gardens

Top 5 Green Plants for Rock Gardens

Top 5 Red Flowers for Rock Gardens

Top 5 Yellow Flowers for Rock Gardens

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