Cucumber leaf curl problem, need help

Cucumber Plant leaves curling

Problem: Cucumber leaf curl

I started cucumber seeds in little peat pots on my windowsill. My seeds germinated quickly but now the plants have leaves that are curling.

All 3 plants are doing the same thing. Do you know what could be wrong?

Thank you,

Lynn in Tuscon

Answer: Cucumber Leaf Curl

Hi Lynn,

Seedlings do best with some fertilization for best development. Those grown in totally soil-less mixes without fertilizer need prompt and regular fertilization, we recommend a water soluble type. Young, tender seedlings are easily damaged by too much fertilizer. Apply fertilizer at about half of the recommended strength a few days after seedlings have germinated.

After that, fertilize at 2-week intervals with the dilution recommended by the manufacturer. Note that on cucumbers you need to use a low nitrogen fertilizer. (That is the first of the three numbers in the sequence.) Otherwise you will promote too much leaf and plant growth.

It is also important that the plant receives fresh air from time to time.

As for the leaf curl: I haven’t found any specific information about leaf curl other than aphids in mature plants.

Can you provide more information, such as temperatures near the windows or how much sun they are actually receiving?


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