Can I Transplant My Lantana Bush

I was wondering if you could take a root from a Lantana bush and transplant it somewhere else. My daughter wanted a start from mine and I was not sure how to do it. Also can you transplant in the fall if at all possible or should we wait until spring to transplant. I hope you can help me in my quest to give my daughter a start from m beautiful Lantana bush. I live in TN and was not sure if it would survive the transplant in the fall. Thank You Mrs. D

Answer: Lantana is not listed as hardy for Tennessee, unless you are in the southern-most part, and then it would probably be considered as a tender perennial, or you have it planted in a microclimate (heavily
protected) area. The USDA hardiness zone for Lantana is listed as 8a to 11, and Tennessee is 6b to 7a. Depending on the species, Lantana can be considered an invasive plant, but some of the newer sterile varieties allow for less ability to spread. The leaves can be a skin irritant and the berries are poisonous to humans and animals. It is a great xeriscaping plant since it likes a dry, slightly acid soil and almost no fertilizer.

Typically Lantana should be propagated in spring/summer with stem cuttings from new, established growth. Make 3-inch cuttings off non- flowering shoots. Strip off any leaves that come in contact with rooting medium and the soil. Dip the ends in a hormone rooting medium and insert in a moist, well drained, soil made of peat moss and sand or perlite. Cover the container with a clear plastic bag and keep in a spot with bright filtered light. It should root in 2-3 weeks. When you see new growth emerging, uncover your container and place it in brighter light and start to lightly fertilize every 2 weeks to promote healthy new growth.

The best time to transplant your Lantana would be in the spring after the last frost. This is also when you want to prune Lantana if you want to hard prune it to 6 inches above the ground. You can tip prune throughout the summer to maintain its shape and to encourage flowering.


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