Can I Grow Elderberry In A Container?

I live in an apartment in Idaho which is hot and dry (in the desert), and have a tiny balcony facing west.  Can I grow elderberries in a large pot out there? Thank you, Barbara

Answer: Elderberries, given their size, have growing habits that include suckers, and a preference for a moist location.  That doesn’t sound like the best fit for potting on a tiny, hot balcony.

Elderberry plants tend to grow like a thicket, with suckers, and they spread out, so I think they would fail to thrive in such a confined situation. They also tend to grow quite large.  If you have a small balcony it might be a bit overwhelming.

You can give it try but it would probably not survive the winter in the pot unless you have a place to keep it so the root ball does not freeze.

Hope this helps,


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