Have You Met Our SunPatiens Impatiens?

SunPatiens Impatiens Plants for Sale

Sunpatiens Blooming in the Sun

If you haven’t, well let us introduce you!

SunPatiens are sun-loving impatiens with incredible adaptability to adverse weather conditions and an amazingly high resistance to downy mildew, the nemesis of the annuals grower and impatiens lover.

Some may argue that SunPatiens are cost-prohibitive when compared to seed impatiens; however, we argue that their inspired breeding makes this a moot point. The marriage of New Guinea impatiens to wild impatiens has resulted in a hybrid with exceedingly fast growth and unusually robust foliage, and with larger blossoms with thicker, tougher petals. Simply put, SunPatiens impatiens require fewer plants to cover the same area, while these plants will easily survive extreme temperatures, humidity and rain, even resisting downy mildew contagion carried on the wind from down the block or picked up during transportation to retailers.

2012 was a horrible year for many impatiens varieties, but not so for SunPatiens. This hybrid outshone all of its competition in trials across Europe and the U.S. where downy mildew and extreme summer heat decimated the cheaper and less vigorous impatiens cultivars. The result was that fewer gardeners planted impatiens in 2013a real travesty, since these annual flowers have been a staple of exquisite gardens for eons!

Those gardeners who planted SunPatiens were pleasantly surprised (and their neighbors were green with envy) to find that even in the hottest and most humid weather, their SunPatiens just kept right on growing and spreading and doing what they do best: looking magnificent.

Your choices are incredible:

  • Compact SunPatiens are self-cleaning, with shorter, though exceptional, branching for small garden spots or container applications.
  • Spreading SunPatiens have bold, oftentimes variegated foliage and possess a tidy trailing habit, ideal for mixed applications of all kinds.
  • Vigorous SunPatiens experience superior growth, covering large areas more quickly, spreading up to 48 inches over the season.

You’ll also find that SunPatiens will bloom from spring right up until the first frost, without deadheading, in full sun or partial shade. You have a wide choice of flower colors, complemented by robust foliage ranging in colors from golden variegated to rich blue-green.

Compact Orange SunpatiensNEVER have impatiens lovers had so many choices!

We first introduced our customers to SunPatiens in April 2011 with this article: Sunny SunPatiens: Bursts of Color. Since that time we’ve added to the number of cultivars available, though the growing information remains the same in particular, their need for consistent moisture. Many of our customers have found that adding Terra-Sorb to their containers or garden soil makes taking care of carefree SunPatiens even easier, especially when summertime activities take gardeners away from their homes at the time when regular watering is critical. We invite you to get to know our SunPatiens® Impatiens.

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