Rah Rah Rosemary! 3 Ways to Use it for Maximum Flavor

Whether it’s rosemary, thyme, mint or basil, if you’ve ever watched in disappointment as your store bought herbs turn color and wind up as a science experiment in the back of your fridge, it’s definitely time to try growing your own.

And rosemary is a great place to start.

Why? Rosemary is incredibly easy to grow (it’s actually an evergreen shrub), wonderfully aromatic, and super versatile in the kitchen. And to ensure it doesn’t meet the same fate as your store bought herbs, here are 3 of our favorite ways to put your rosemary to work:



Pair it with Potatoes

Rosemary never met a potato it didn’t like.

These two are a match made in heaven! You can simply strip the stem of the pungent rosemary ‘leaves’ and chop them up to toss with your baked or fried potatoes, or simple cut shorter pieces off of the main sprig and nestle them into crevices and corners of your dish.

If you’ve never tried rosemary with potatoes, now is the time to start.



Use the Rosemary Stem AS a Skewer

Love your shish kabob? Take it a step further by using the actual stem of rosemary as your skewer. Simple use it in place of your regular wooden or steel skewer and you have an innovative and delicious addition to the grill.

The best part? Rosemary pairs well with almost any meat. So you can use it with poultry, fish and red meat and not go wrong.



Toss it in Your Drinks

From fancy cocktails to a pitcher of ice water in the fridge, rosemary can add a whole new dimension of flavor to a cool summer drink. Experiment with it to find your favorite!



Which One to Grow?

Trying to decide which one to start with?

We carry several different types of rosemary, but the stand out favorite is Tuscan Blue. It’s large, tall and sturdy, and works in most garden situations.

If you’re climate is cold and wet, opt for Hill Hardy or Arp, which is the most cold hardy in our collection. And for the chefs in the crowd (aspiring or otherwise) Spice Island is a must have, with its bold, full bodied flavors.

Or better yet, try a few different varieties and see which one suits you best.

All of our rosemary plants are organically grown, skillfully started and ready to ship right now. Check out our collection here.

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