Why You Should Grow A Butterfly Garden

What you plant matters. Most people can’t help but smile when a butterfly crosses their path. Besides just being a joy to behold, butterflies serve as pollinators for many species of plants. The butterfly’s seemingly whimsical travels provide invaluable services to mankind, in terms of both their beauty and industrious nature.

You can help the dwindling butterfly population by planting with purpose. Plant those flowering plants that will attract butterflies and will support their lifecycle as they lay their eggs.

Mature butterflies exist on a liquid diet, though the immature butterflies (caterpillars) will require more substantial sustenance in the form of host plants. Plant flowering plants that make you happy, but you can go a step further and plant host plants for the juvenile butterflies (caterpillars) to eat. Tap the links below to view, by color, some of the top plants for Butterfly Gardens:

Top 5 Red Flowering Plants for Butterfly Gardens

Top 5 Blue Flowering Plants for Butterfly Gardens

Top 5 Yellow Flowering Plants for Butterfly Gardens

Top 5 Purple Flowering Plants for Butterfly Gardens

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