Beautify With A Shade Garden

Most all of us have an area of our yard where the grass doesn’t grow, and so far, nothing else will survive. This is commonly because it is shady and may be a little too wet or dry. Your frustration level has risen as you have planted this spot numerous times and have yet to find the perfect plant to thrive in this little patch of shade. You may have just given up, but we are here to help you conquer that shady location once and for all!

Focus on the purpose of transforming that shaded, annoying, empty spot. Add some texture or color, or both! Simply choose from a wide selection of shade-loving annual or perennial plants. You can even select the ideal plants for your soil’s moisture content. Give your new planting a little bit of TLC and then sit back, relax and take joy in getting the best of that problematic corner of your yard! You’ve got this! Tap the links below to view, by color, some of the top plants to grow in shady areas:

Top 5 Pink Flowers for Shady Spots

Top 5 Variegated Plants for Shady Spots

Top 5 Orange Flowers for Shady Spots

Top 5 White Flowers for Shady Spots

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