Grow a Natural Boundary for Your Yard

Planting a living boundary is a smart alternative to fencing. Neighbor-friendly, you can have your privacy and beauty too. There is an old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors.” But also be aware that the wrong type of fence can send the wrong message, one that basically says, “keep out.” With that being said, you should also be sure to plant within your property lines, though most neighbors will not object to a hedge crossing the line, unless you are expecting them to take care of their side. Your neighbor will get as much enjoyment from the appearance and fragrance as you will. In fact, if you are close with or want to get to know your neighbor, you can collaborate and share the care.

When choosing plants for your living fence, take the time to see how much sun that boundary gets at different times during the day and choose accordingly. This may be a good time to share your plans with your neighbor and ask for his/her opinion. You can go au’naturale with a flowering hedge that is in keeping with your eclectic personality or grow a more formal hedge that lends itself well to pruning. Tap the links below to view, by color, some of the top plants to grow for a living Boundary:

Top 5 Blue Flowers for Boundaries

Top 5 White Flowers for Boundaries

Top 5 Green Plants for Boundaries

Top 5 Pink Flowers for Boundaries

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