Build a Plastic Bottle Hanging Basket in 4 Easy Steps

Hey, guys! Welcome to another DIY Garden Project with GrowJoy, where we make a hanging basket out of an old plastic bottle.

This is what we’re going to be needing today:

  • A pair of scissors
  • A box cutter knife.
  • 2 pieces of twine (3-feet long)
  • Potting soild
  • An old plastic bottle (I’m using a bigger Gatorade bottle…little bit harder plastic and easier to cut)
  • A power drill
  • And, of course, a flower (using an Ostica Bronze Osteospermum in our demo video)

Okay, our first step will be to drill the holes in the bottle. We will drill two drainage holes in the bottom, and four more up up top to string the twine through. I recommend drilling the four upper holes before you do any cutting. Once you cut the top off the bottle, it’s going to get a little flimsy and harder to drill. You’ll want to use the spine of the bottle as a guide, so that the holes will be off-centered but balanced enough to still hang correctly.

Step number two in this process is to take the top off the plastic bottle. To do that, you’re going to take the box cutter knife and make a 1-2 inch incision about one-third of the way from the top. Then, take your scissors and stick them in the incision and cut around the bottle. You will, also, cut a little chunk out of the front of the bottle (the angle of the cut going down the front should follow the angle of the holes you drilled). You will want to smooth out any edges, so you’re not catching your finger on any sharp points. After cutting, it will take a couple minutes to smooth everything out.

Step three is to string the twine through the holes that you’ve drilled and add a base layer of potting soil. I ran my twine from the outside in, but either way is fine. You’ll want to make sure the ends of each piece are even, also. You’re going to make a little bit of a mess when adding the potting soil, but that’s alright because we’re gardening. 😊

The fourth and final step in making your plastic bottle hanging basket is to transplant your flower and tie the knot for the twine. As I mentioned above, I use an Ostica Bronze Osteospermum in our demo video, but here you can let your creativity run wild and pick something you’ll like. Once you pop the flower in, check to make sure it’s nice and tight. Then, you’ll to take the twine, determine how far down you want the bottle to hang, and tie the knot there. Now find a good spot to hang and admire your very own plastic bottle hanging basket.

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