A Garden for the Bees

Many people may question why you would want to plant a garden to attract bees. There are several very valid and important reasons, but it all boils down to the quickly declining bee population. In fact, one of the most lucrative small business models today is raising and renting bees out to farmers and growers who need bees to pollinate their crops and fruit trees. Bees are responsible for pollinating almost 85% of our food for both human and animal consumption. Think about this. The decline of our bee population due to habitat loss, environmental changes and pesticide use could drastically reduce our food supply, cause food prices to skyrocket and ultimately could affect our existence. This may sound dramatic, but it is quite true.

You can be a part of the solution, though.

Since our nation’s population is always growing, we are steadily infringing on and destroying land that was once miles and miles of wildflowers and flowering trees, the ideal home for the honeybee. So, we must create more habitat in a pesticide-free environment to ensure the health of the species. You may think, “What can my little garden do?”; however, if a bunch of people planted one bee garden, we may be able to stop the slow extinction of the honeybee. Every bee-friendly garden helps! Click the links below to view, by variety, some of the top plants to grow to attract bees to your garden:

Top 5 Digitalis Plants for Attracting Bees

Top 5 Phlox Plants for Attracting Bees

Top 5 Sedum Plants for Attracting Bees

Top 5 Echinacea Plants for Attracting Bees

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