Extend Your Garden Color Through the Fall

Your flower beds may look a bit tired, with only a few blossoms left and fading greenery, as summer nears its end. You can, however, extend the color in your garden into late fall, with a little bit of strategic pre-planning. In the same way that you have so carefully created your spring and summer flowering garden, you can intersperse your garden with plants that will bloom in mid-summer and into the fall.

Chrysanthemums are not the only late blooming flower; there are several plants of varying textures, bloom times and colors that will not only provide bright fall color but will be a source of food and shelter to native, non-migratory birds. The Gaura plant (Beeblossom), for example, blooms from June through October and is striking with its pink to red blossoms and burgundy-colored stems. Asters are another plant that will not only provide that welcome pop of fall color but will also attract a number of different bird species, cardinals, goldfinches and indigo buntings, just to name a few. Tap the links below to view, by variety, some of the top plants that will provide fall blossoms:

Top 5 Belgian Mums for Fall Gardens

Top 5 Perennial Mums for Fall Gardens

Top 5 Aster Plants for Fall Gardens

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