Grow Evergreen Plants for Winter Color

Does your winter landscape look brown, somewhat drab and a little tired? Then it’s time to grow some evergreen plants! You can strategically place them to in the landscape so that they perk up your view and curb-appeal. Evergreens are perennial plants, which means they will provide winter color from year to year with little maintenance.

Evergreen plants keep their leaves all year long, and they keep their original coloring throughout the year. Some may fade a bit because of low water levels. If you’re having a drier-than-normal winter, you may need to provide some additional moisture. Just as with annuals or other plants that are not evergreen, you will notice droopy or browning leaves if they are starving for moisture. If you have already winterized your garden, and pulled in the hoses and covered the faucets for the winter, you can use a large jug to carry water from the house.

Most larger shrubs and plants may need a full gallon of water. Your smaller specimens will only need a portion of that. Your evergreens will love you for this extra bit of attention, as it will help them to survive the harshest winter conditions.

Check out the links below to view, by plant type, some of the top evergreen plants:

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