How to Grow a Garden Resistant to Deer

Anyone that lives in an area where deer roam is susceptible to their voracious appetites. It used to be that this was confined to people residing in rural areas, but as we have continued to expand our cities and towns into deer country the deer are learning to thrive in their new environment: OURS.

You can always build a fence but be aware that some species of deer can leap almost 8-feet high. If you are growing a deer-attractive garden, you will have to build a mighty high fence to keep a hungry deer, or herd of deer out.

So, the alternative is to grow plants that deer don’t particularly like. For example, if you are growing a vegetable garden, fence it in by growing deer-resistant plants around the entire plot. In general, deer avoid overly fragrant plants; to deer they are just plain “stinky”. Try lavender or sage, bearded irises or peonies. Additionally, there are some plants that are toxic to deer so will be avoided. Plant poppies, foxglove or daffodils, just an small sample of the attractive flowering plants available for a deer-resistant garden. Check out the links below to view, by plant variety, some of the top deer-resistant plants:

Top 5 Deer-Resistant Aster Plants

Top 5 Deer-Resistant Echinacea Plants

Top 5 Deer-Resistant Lantana Plants

Top 5 Deer-Resistant Zinnia Plants

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