Grow a Garden to Feed Wild Birds

Many people will fill wild bird feeders in the winter and early spring, as this is when it is the hardest for birds to find a ready source of nutrition; even the bugs they normally eat are not readily available. But why not enjoy the song and antics of wild birds all year long? Grow those plants that will provide food, shelter and a place to nest, ensuring a never-ending supply of bird song. Add a bird bath to your landscape to provide everything your winged tenants need.

There is a wide variety of plants you can grow to attract and feed wild birds. Growing a garden specifically for them will ensure the survival of many species of birds. Bird watching is also good for your mental health; there is just something truly special about watching wild birds in their natural habitat. It is well worth being a morning person to catch the show when the birds are the most active. Additionally, attracting wild birds to your garden can be a wonderful learning experience for birdwatchers of any age. Have fun as you attempt to identify the type of bird you’ve just seen, if it is a migratory bird and where it may be going.  Some websites even ask you to report seeing certain birds, when and where, so as to help to gauge the health and size of the population of a certain species. Click the links below to view, by variety, the best plants for attracting wild birds to your area.

Top 5 Kniphofia Plants for Attracting Birds

Top 5 Echinacea Plants for Attracting Birds

Top 5 Aster Plants for Attracting Birds

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