Landscape With Fragrance

Did you know that most people will shop for flowering plants with their eyes, rather than their nose? It’s pretty much an automatic response; you are first drawn to a particular flower by its appearance or color. Then, you may or may not hold it close for a sniff. However, there is something very special about a fragrance that lingers in the air on a warm spring or summer day. You know, that fragrance that follows you into the house, that fragrance that makes you stop for a beat, just because it is so pleasing to your senses. Once the fragrance meets your nose, you will find it impossible not to look for its source, even if you know where it is coming from!

Plant your most fragrant plants where you can enjoy them most, unless you want your neighbor to enjoy that deliciousness instead. Plant flowers with intense fragrance close to entry ways, under windows or next to your porch or patio. Fragrant flowers positively affect your mood and can even turn a lousy day into a good one! Plant where you can walk close to them as you are coming or going. Plant near where you spend much of your time when outside, having your cup of coffee or sunbathing. And cut some to take to your office where you can share the scent and reap the calming benefits of your fragrant choices. Click the links below to view, by color, the best plants for adding a sweet aromas to your gardens:

Top 3 Yellow Fragrant Flowering Plants

Top 3 Pink Fragrant Flowering Plants

Top 3 Blue Fragrant Flowering Plants

Top 3 Red Fragrant Flowering Plants

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