Fall Flower Bulb Planting Schedule

Planting schedule for fall planted flowering bulbs

When you’re busy prepping your garden for spring, don’t forget to add fall flower bulb planting to the list! Planting fall flower bulbs is an ideal gardening project for the novice and a never-ending source of joy for the more experienced green thumb. Planting is easy and pretty much goof-proof, with the outcome so predictable as to allow you to design flowerbeds that your neighbors will be in awe of. (You might be a little impressed, yourself).

So, get out your colored pencils or crayons and start designing. You don’t even need to know how to draw! Just sketch the shapes you’d like to see in your yard and experiment with filling them in with small colorful circles (the flowers).

There are also numerous websites with planting and design ideas. This site has some particularly good information, including the recommended number of bulbs per square foot of landscape.

Fall Flower Bulb Planting by Area

The following map is a representation of generally the best time to plant fall bulbs for spring blooms in your area.


Here are some points to keep in mind as you plan your fall flower bulb planting session:

Bulbs can be stored for a short time in a cool, dry place. However, plant as soon as conditions are right. Bulbs do not store well for the following season.

You can begin to plant fall bulbs when the soil temperature drops to 55°F.

Bulbs do not like wet feet, even in winter. Plant bulbs in well-draining soil.

Bulbs like sunny gardens – you’ll get the most vibrant and largest blooms in full sun. Remember though, when fall-planted bulbs bloom, many trees are not putting on leaves yet. Your flower bulbs may grow really well under that birch or aspen that casts shade in summer.

Planting clusters of color, rather than single bulbs and/or single rows, is recommended by professionals. It gives your garden that full, abundant burst of color.

Bulbs prefer to be planted with the pointed side up. But if you do it wrong most will figure it out anyway. We told you it was easy!

You are only limited by your own imagination, so have fun, and send us pictures of your spring blooms.

Ready to get growing? Check out our collection of fall flower bulbs and get ready for a spring color party in your yard!

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