How to Grow Spring Grove Arborvitae Plants

how to grow healthy spring grove arborvitae

Looking for some easy tips on how to grow Spring Grove Arborvitae plants? Native to North America, these shrubs can be found growing naturally in boggy areas, along riverbanks and slopes, and in woodland locations. And if you want to add some arborvitae to your yard, you’ll want to brush up on how to care for them to keep them looking their best.

What are Spring Grove Arborvitae?

Spring Grove Arborvitae plants are a member of the arborvitae plant family, with narrow-shaped shrubs that grow upright in columns. Similar in shape to the North Pole arborvitae, they top out at 20-30 feet tall and reach 10-15 feet wide. They are prized for their strong, green foliage. It resists winter burn and will not bronze out or scorch in summer. Even at minus 25 degrees F, it stays a deep, dark green.

Used as a privacy screen or as a bold specimen in mixed borders, Spring Grove Arborvitae plants are excellent choices for the yard. They have a fast growth rate of up to 3 feet a year, and the foliage is full, even down to the ground, so they provide full coverage to the landscape.

Preferred Growing Conditions

These lush, low-maintenance and winter-hardy evergreen shrubs grow well in many different soils, from loose loam to compacted clay. They grow best in full light, but will tolerate partial sun. To plant, dig a planting hole 2-3 times the width of the root ball, and make sure the crown is level with the soil surface.

Water your arborvitae plants well and often during spring and summer, and avoid compacting the soil. Loose dirt allows the roots to establish a strong support for the shrub. Once established, Spring Grove Arborvitae plants are very hardy shrubs. They are bagworm and deer resistant, grow well in almost any soil, and bears up well under heavy snow and ice.

How to Care for Your Spring Grove Arborvitae

Arborvitae are as easy care as they come. They are basically no maintenance, though if you want to you can prune it in the fall for shaping.  In the spring, apply a controlled release feed specially made for evergreens. Follow the package directions.

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