Easy Clematis Vine Care Tips

How to grow clematis

Looking for tips on clematis vine care to get the most out of this ‘queen of the climbers’? You’re not alone. Today, more and more gardeners are discovering clematis vines for their ability to climb and for the lovely flowers they produce.

Clematis Vine Care: It’s Simple!

To help your Clematis thrive, simply provide a minimum of 6 hours of sun, and well-drained soil. And because they need to climb, choose a proper support, such as a wall, fence, trellis or trellis netting, rocks, tall shrub or another vine.

Meet these simple requirements and they’ll be happy planted in gardens or containers. Keep an eye on the amount of sun you’re clematis is getting. If it’s in full sun, you’ll want to keep a heavy layer of mulch around the roots.

Planting: Containers or in the Ground

First-time clematis grower? Here are a couple of short videos that will take the guesswork out of planting.

Guidelines for watering, feeding, and pest control:

  • Watering: For newly planted plants, keep the soil moist for the first few weeks. After that, you’ll only need to water during hot dry periods. It’s better to do a deep soak rather than a few light waterings.
  • Fertilizing: Feed the plant with a fertilizer that’s rich in potassium. Look for a fertilizer that has an N-P-K ratio with the third number being the highest value. Fertilize each spring and fall.
  • Pest Control: Slugs are the main pest. Control them by putting down a slug barrier each spring. Sluggo® works very well.

Clematis Vine Care: Pruning

Clematis plants require pruning, but how you prune depends on the variety and the planting location. The amount of cutting and the correct time to prune is determined by when your clematis blooms and other factors, such as your preferred growth habit.  Some clematis bloom only in the spring, others later in the summer, and a third variety can bloom both early spring and late summer.

Once you’ve chosen which clematis is right for your growing conditions and bloom-time preferences, you’ll want to do some research to find the pruning method that fits your circumstances to ensure you get the maximum amount of blooms the next season.

With the proper care, your clematis vine will bring you joy for many years.

Ready to get started with your own queen of climbers? Check out our clematis collection and get ready to fall in love!

Happy growing!

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