The 3 Best Products for Your Garden & Yard (Summer 2022)

Summer is the time of year when people like to get outside and enjoy the weather. If you’re a gardener, you know that it’s also the time of year when you have to do some extra work in your garden. Here are three popular garden products that will help make things a little easier for you.

10-Pattern Water Hose

This summer has been a scorcher, which means your plants need a lot of extra TLC. Make sure you’re prepared with the Innav8 10-Pattern Water Hose. This hose is equipped with 10 different spray patterns, so you can customize your watering depending on the size and needs of your plants. The easy flow control lets you keep going without tiring out your arms, and the ergonomic design is gentle on your hands. Plus, the thumb-controlled flow means you don’t have to squeeze the handle – perfect for those with arthritis or other hand pain.

25-ft Expandable Water Hose

Looking for a watering solution that will help you get through the hot summer months without breaking a sweat? Look no further than the LOOHUU 25-ft Water Hose! This lightweight hose is extremely flexible and perfect for those hard-to-reach spots in your garden. With ¾-inch brass fittings, it easily attaches to your existing watering system or can be used on its own. Plus, the compact size makes it easy to store when not in use. The hose nozzle is included for added convenience. And, because it automatically contracts when not in use, it drains water quickly and won’t kink when hooked up.

Solar-Powered Bird Bath Fountain

Summertime means it’s time to break out the hose and get the sprinkler going! But what about our feathered friends? They need a place to cool off too, and the Aisitin Solar Bird Bath is perfect for giving them a little relief from the heat. This solar-powered fountain pump features six nozzles that squirt water up to 2-feet high, making it a refreshing oasis for birds and other animals. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly since it doesn’t need any additional power supply or water. Just set it in the sun, make sure the pump is underwater, and let it start spraying. It even comes with suction cups on the bottom to hold itself in place.

The summer heat can take a toll on your plants, but with the right products, you can keep them looking beautiful all season long. These affordable and easy-to-use garden care products are available now, so be sure to try them out this summer! You’ll be surprised at how lush and green your plants will look after using these products.

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