Growing Balmy Pink Bee Balm For The First Time? Try These 3 Tips

Balmy Pink Bee Balm Plants boast fluffy blooms of bright pink that sit atop dark green foliage that is wonderfully aromatic with a mixture of basil and mint tones. This series extends the flowering season with earlier blooming and is mildew resistant! Beebalm plants flourish on a wide range of soils but do their absolute best with moderately moist, well-drained soils. It is a mid- to late season bloomer for butterfly and hummingbird gardens, and deer and rabbits tend to avoid these plants. Monarda can even be planted under black oak trees.

To grow your best Balmy Pink Monarda plants, make sure they:

  1. Receive four or more hours of sunlight each day.
  2. Are fertilized once when transplanting and then one time again every spring.
  3. Don’t cut back your plants to the ground until later winter or early spring, as the dried flowers of a Monarda plant produce a fruit that wild birds enjoy.

Balmy Pink Bee Balm grows to a mature height of 12 inches tall and spreads 10 inches wide and is hardy in Zones 4-9.

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